Wavemakers for Hydrodynamic Physical Model Testing Facilities.

  • We offer competitive and efficient low cost multi-element wavemakers for 3D basins and uni-directional wavemaker for 2D flume and towing tanks.
  • With about four decades of experience in the field of physical model testing at IIT Madras, we provide the wavemakers system with the following features.
  • System with user-friendly access.
  • Electric system with low noise and maintenance free.
  • Modular wavemakers (movable wavemakers in the facility).
  • Our AC servo motors uses either EtherCAT or SERCOS protocol with precise real-time control system.
  • Backlash free operation.
  • Ball screw or rack-pinion based on customer specific requirement.
  • Wet back or dry back system based on customer specific requirement.
  • Large stroke wavemakers based on customer requirement.
  • Software has inbuilt troubleshooting mechanism.
  • Can generate all types of waves with user defined characteristics.

IITM-WaveGen Software

  • The software is developed with the research expertise of IIT Madras faculty members. The user interface is easy to use and with three steps one can establish the connection with hardware and generate the waves.
  • The software is developed in such a way to create a predefined test matrix and ease of execution during a project. Both uni-directional and 3D waves can be generated.
IITM-WaveGen can generate the following types of waves, including directionality
Random waves can be generated using the following spectrum
  • Monochromatic waves
  • Bi-chromatic waves
  • Random waves
  • Cnoidal waves
  • Solitary waves
  • Focusing waves
  • User defined waves
  • User defined stroke
  • JONSWAP Spectrum
  • P-M Spectrum
  • Ochi-Hubble Spectrum
  • TMA Spectrum
  • User-defined Spectrum
  • Bretschneider/Mitsuysu Spectrum
  • Darbyshire Coastal Spectrum
  • Neumann Spectrum
  • The software has the unique facility to generate user defined waves as well as stroke.
  • Order of wavemaker theory selection as per user requirements.
  • The software will also report the health of the drive and servo motor during operations.
  • The software automatically sets the maximum limits based on the hardware specifications.
  • Stand-alone and Network license.
Our recent successful installation, @ NIT Trichy: 2D flume – 1.2m high, 0.8m wide and 30m length. Piston type – electric wave maker, wet back system, variable water depth from 20cm to 80cm. Typical waves generated in the flume are shown in the below videos.